Have your energy bills been really high recently? There could be many reasons for this, with your windows being one of them. If you have a low window energy rating (WER), then your windows may not be as energy efficient. The A+ rating on a window tells us how energy efficient the window is. The rating for the WER system ranges from G to A+, with A+ being the highest rating. Having A+ window means that you have the highest rating of window energy rating (WER) as it is the most energy efficient windows and also the most thermally efficient windows.


Benefits of A+ Windows

  • There are many benefits of A+ windows since they are the most energy efficient windows, they can merge a window frame with five insulating chambers also a sash frame with six insulating chambers.
  • It also offers heat transfer to the indoors and outdoors due to the glass unit being made up with numerous of latest materials.
  • Having A+ windows can let heat inside your home by using the sun; the seal unit can use solar heat from the sun to let heat inside your home.
  • A major benefit of having an A+ window is that energy bills can become more affordable due to A+ windows eradicating heat loss and storing more heat efficiently than other windows, therefore you won’t have to rely on your boiler system.
  • When you become less dependent on your boiler it will lower your property’s carbon footprint, meaning that you are preserving and protecting the environment for future generations.
  • Your house will be maximised in security, it makes your home more secure since A+ windows have up-to-date mechanisms. Therefore, when your windows are securely locked, then there is a very tiny chance of anyone breaking in or forcing themselves in.
  • You can easily combine double glazing or even triple glazing with A+ window if you want to fully maximise thermal efficiency.
  • Here at Shrewsbury Windows, we offer double glazing windows with a 10-year guarantee and we have a variety of colours and styles to meet your needs so it can impeccably complement your home.


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