First of all, what is an orangery? Orangeries are like a traditional extension which mainly has floor-to-ceiling windows, similar to a lantern-style roof. Orangeries are more preferred as they are significantly more substantial than conservatories since they mix in delicately with the present property. So, what are the benefits of orangeries?


Merges The Outdoors With Your Property

Orangeries will blend into your home with a smooth transition between your indoor living space and your outdoor garden. This can also bring elements of the outdoors into your home. You can choose the styles you want to match with your home, whether it is modern or traditional, it will still be complemented by stylish outdoor furniture.


Allow More Natural Light In

One of the best things about orangeries is the fact that it features a beautifully slender frame. This means that you can integrate an abundance of glass to any chosen design. Especially if you choose to go for a glass-to-floor orangery design, as the glass will allow a flow of natural light into space, leaving the room well-illuminated and feeling welcoming.



Since orangeries are created from bricks, they can absorb and seal the heat as they were designed to do so. If you combine this with energy-efficient double or triple glazing, it can actually help you save money on your heating bills. In addition, during the summer season, you will have access to windows and the outdoors, so you don’t have to be worried about the warmer months as you will be cooled down in no time.


Increase Your Property Value

Did you know that installing an orangery for your home, it can actually increase your whole property value? On average, an orangery installation can increase the value by around 7% or more. In addition to this, when you are ready to sell your house, your orangery may attract more buyers. With the extra valuation, it could even attract possible buyers and persuade them to place an offer on your property.


Choose Your Style

Orangeries have many concepts, but the main concept is a centre-located roof lantern shape, which is surrounded by a large, surfaced flat roof. This is to provide more stability and is a good way to incorporate an extension to your existing property. Additionally, there are so many more styles here at Shropshire Windows from traditional to modern; you can choose from a variety of styles to suit your tastes and needs.


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