When using uPVC fascias and soffits, you would know the benefits they hold than using wood or cast iron. Since they are chosen to be a cheaper option to cast iron, it will still provide durability and a long lifespan. This is also an alternative option to wood which needs regular maintenance. Many homeowners consider uPVC fascias and soffits as they have a couple of decades of lifespan. Additionally, homeowners would choose uPVC fascias and soffits as it will effectively protect your property from elements and ensuring its resale value with anaesthetic and functional drainage system.

uPVC vs Wood

Having uPVC fascias and soffits is more advantageous than using wood fascias and soffits. Since, if they are poorly managed they can become a massive risk to your property’s structure, as they are attached to the wall just under the roof-line. Therefore, they will be vulnerable to elements and their fixtures and fittings also the wood can be a risk itself as they become vulnerable to water penetration. As well as the fact that wooden fascias and soffits will have to be regular maintenance, such as repainting it frequently, they are also liable to degradation meaning they will rot, split and warp. The most effective advantage of using uPVC fascias and soffits is the fact they won’t need to be repainted, also, the water won’t penetrate through the material and uPVC offers very powerful protection against water penetration.

uPVC vs Cast Iron

Cast iron is seemed as a high-quality product due to the fact that its lifespan can potentially extend to centuries further than decades, only if it received the appropriate maintenance. Many homeowners and business owners will consider purchasing this, although it will have a higher installation cost and due to the material, itself. However, cast iron does have disadvantages like the fact they need to be regularly refinished, also, variations in temperature can cause cracks meaning they will need to be repaired otherwise it will rust and leaves an unappealing blemish on your property. On the other hand, uPVC fascia and soffits will not only last for a long time they will also come in wide ranges of colours and finishing colours to even make it suitable for period homes. Additionally, we here at Shrewsbury Windows we offer a 10-year guarantee with our uPVC fascias and soffits.

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