If you are considering replacing your windows, but you are having a hard time choosing between double glazing and triple glazing, then don’t worry. We will help you make your decision easier. Each of these windows has their own benefits and the final decision will weigh more towards your personal preferences as there is no right or wrong answer.  Here are the differences between double and triple glazing.


What is Double and Triple Glazing?

Double glazing and triple glazing are exactly as they sound. Double glazing windows contain 2 panes of glass in a sealed frame. Whereas triple glazing contains 3 panes of glass in a sealed frame and between the glass panes, there is air or a chemical gas called argon. Triple glazing has become more popular all across the UK as people have begun realising the incredible benefits, they can get from having them installed.



Having full control of the temperature inside the house is important for many house owners. For example, during the summer season, they would want the temperature to be controlled as you will be suffering from the hot rooms. In double and triple glazing the solar gain in the glass can lower the heat through temperature control, you find out how well a window can control temperature with its g-value. The lower the percentage of g-value then this will indicate how effective the window is at controlling temperature. Double glazing windows have a g-value of 73% while triple glazed windows are between 35% – 63%, therefore this means that triple glazed are more ideal for controlling the temperature.



Being able to keep heat within the house is an important part of managing your energy bills. With double glazing and triple glazing, they both aid in keeping heat in the house. Triple glazing windows provide an additional layer of glass which further improves thermal efficiency and insulation. To find out how well a window can insulate heat, you can find the U-value. The lower the U-value, the better insulated the window will be.

Double glazed windows usually have a U-value of 1.2, whilst the triple glazed windows have a value of 0.6. Moreover, this doesn’t imply that double glazed windows aren’t as effective as retaining heat, it just means that triple glazed windows provide greater insulative properties. Ultimately, the more heat you can keep in your house, the more money you can save from your energy bills.



Condensation can make a significant difference in the decision making as some homeowners may find this problem to be an annoyance. Condensation will occur where there is a severe difference in temperatures; with double glazing windows, it can create cold patches if your house is well insulated. On the other hand, having a triple glazing window means that it is less likely to form condensation due to the lower U-value. This means that there is less of a temperature difference with the glass and other areas of the house.


Thickness of Glass

Having a thicker glass is good for security, as it is harder to break and it makes your house more secure. Obviously, triple glazed is thicker as it has 3 panes of glass but this holds advantages and disadvantages. The weakness with triple glazed windows is that, since it has 3 panes of glasses it will be very heavy therefore it can possibly inflict damage to your wall. However, a triple glazed window will be more effective blocking noise out than double glazed window, therefore, making triple glazing ideal if you live on a busy main road.


Which is Better?

The better one is entirely up to you and what suit your needs, from these differences it would imply that triple glaze is better. However, each has their own advantages and disadvantages that is why it may be hard to decide. Whichever window you decide on, you can be sure that Shrewsbury Windows can provide high-quality double-glazing windows that are backed with a 10-year guarantee.


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