If you are thinking of expanding your house due to lack of space, normally, you would add an orangery or a conservatory to your home. However, you can also incorporate a porch to your entranceway to expand the living space. Although getting a porch may not provide a massive amount of space for your home, it does require far less investment than an orangery or a conservatory.

Here are some of the great benefits of owning a porch.


Benefits of Having a Porch

  • Makes your house look aesthetic and attractive, just by adding a porch in your entranceway.
  • Increases your overall property value and helps to attracts potential buyers if you are thinking of selling or renting.
  • It provides extra space which is something that we all need in our homes. By having a porch, you can add hanging space for your clothes, jackets, coats, etc. Additionally, you will have space for your shoes as well and it makes your front look tidy as well.
  • Having a porch offers a layer of security against any intruders; as a porch will offer a multi-point lock mechanism, it would pointless for intruders to even attempt to break in.
  • Improving energy efficiency, a porch can prevent heat loss to the outside, so the warm air can stay within your home.


Porch Design

Here at Shrewsbury Windows, we understand the importance of making your home look it’s best. To accommodate everyone’s preferences and needs, we offer an incredible variety of amazing porch designs, roofing designs, and many more! You can choose from a variety of complementary colours for your home to match any kind of aesthetic. These porches are wonderful additions to your home as they not only allow more natural sunlight into your living space, but it can brighten up your whole property.

We pride ourselves on the quality of customer services and our products, which is why we offer a 10-year guarantee on our porches for all of our customers. We aim to please and satisfy your property needs.


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