When it comes to choosing the perfect front door for your home, we know that it’s important to consider not only the appearance and security but also the wide range of benefits that both types of doors provide. The two most common types of front doors are uPVC doors and composite doors and they both offer unique advantages. But what exactly are the differences between these types and how can they benefit my home?

To help you understand more about these types of front doors, we have put together some information about the benefits of uPVC doors and composite doors.


About uPVC Doors & Composite Doors

Before we dive into the benefits of each type of door, you may be wondering what uPVC doors and Composite doors are. To give you more information about these doors, here is a general overview of what they are.

uPVC Doors
Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, or uPVC for short, is the name of the material. Most uPVC doors are not made entirely from plastics and they do use other materials to help reinforce the door. This is one of the most common types of doors as they are affordable, resilient, and low-maintenance.

Composite Doors
Composite doors are made up of several different materials, including steel, glass, wood, and uPVC. The materials used will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The construction of these doors requires more sophisticated techniques and materials which provides better resilience and a better appearance.



Security is of paramount importance when it comes to protecting your house with a front door. It’s all well and nice to have an attractive front door, but if it isn’t able to provide the reliable protection that you need, then your house could be at risk of unwanted intrusion.

uPVC doors are extremely secure and they are commonly found in homes across the UK for a reason. They offer a secure solution that can deter potential intruders. These doors even come installed with a series of advanced security features, such as a multi-point lock.

Although uPVC doors are very secure as a front door, composite doors offer an even higher level of security due to its incredible strong structural frame. As you know, composite doors are composed of several materials which make these doors very resilient, exceptionally strong, and energy efficient. Our Solidor composite doors feature a solid timber core and they also have a proven 48mm design that provides exceptional around-the-clock protection.

These Solidor composite doors are considered to be the UK’s most secure composite door as they come with a variety of advanced features. Our Solidor composite doors are all fitted with the 3-star diamond grade Ultion cylinder locks as standard. ‘Ultion’ provides the ultimate locking protection with its revolutionary locking system and features, such as anti-snap and anti-bump. This cylinder lock offers incredible protection against snapping, bumping, drilling, and picking. When you lock your Solidor composite door, you can be sure that it will stay locked, regardless of whether you leave your key inside or not.



Everyone’s home is different, which is why Shropshire Windows provides a wide range of designs and styles of doors for you to choose from, whether you’re after a uPVC door or a composite door.

With a composite door, you can definitely tell that there are similarities in terms of appearance when compared with an authentic timber door. You may think that composite doors are constructed from wood, but in reality, these doors use various materials, unlike timber doors. These doors are able to provide more flexibility in terms of design as you can choose from a variety of colours, glazing options, and finishes, which means that you can tailor the design to the overall appearance to your home.

uPVC doors are usually available in fewer colours than composite doors which means that they may be limited in design choice.


Value For Money

When choosing the right door for your home, the cost is a very important factor that you should consider. However, making sure that you invest in a long-lasting solution that is low-maintenance is also an important point to consider.

uPVC doors are often the preferred solution as they are the lower cost option for doors whilst offering better performance and security than your traditional timber doors.

Composite doors are often in the higher price brackets than your standard uPVC doors, but the quality, reliability, and innovation that you get from it, makes them a worthy investment and it could even potentially save you money in the long term.

The additional advantages of composite doors make the investment worthwhile, such as the improved energy efficiency which could result in lower energy bills, and better natural light management which enables your home to be well-illuminated and warmer.


Overall, composite doors are seen to be a level up from uPVC doors, although they may command a higher price. These doors make an attractive addition to any home and they can enhance the appearance of your property. Our uPVC doors and composite doors are available in numerous colours, designs, and styles.


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